Double-Sided Suction Cup (Celebration of Pleasure Sale)

Lust Arts

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Celebration of Pleasure Toy Discount! 15% off our standard lowest custom pricing for this special color, Lupercalia!

Based on a historical celebration, our special event color is a marble of shimmering red wine and glossy blood red!

We are very conscious of silicone safety, using only the highest quality platinum silicone. Our colors do not include chromium green oxide nor ultramarine blue. This toy is safe for your lips and between your hips!

While testing solutions for Attached Suction Cups for all our flat bases we discovered an effective Double-Sided Suction Cup! In a range of three sizes you can mix and match, these Double-Sided Suction Cups are handmade in Medium density silicone for the best balance of suction and movement.

Small - Diameter: 1.1 in (28.225 mm)

Medium - Diameter: 1.6 in (40.918 mm)

Large - Diameter: 2.34 in (59.331 mm)

We recommend starting with the same size for both sides, however, to best accommodate the ability to craft for unique double-ended toy combination situations you can mix sizes. Be adventurous!

(Each of our toys come with the option of a permanently Attached Suction Cup or a Double-Sided Suction Cup for $5 while purchasing the toy. This option is no extra charge for Celebration of Pleasure toys!)

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