Celebration of Pleasure 2019

Lust Burster (Celebration of Pleasure Sale)

Lust Arts

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Celebration of Pleasure Toy Discount! 15% off our standard lowest custom toy pricing for this special color, Lupercalia!

Sometimes the monster wants to get back in! Fulfill your alien invasion fantasies with the Lust Burster... in our special Celebration of Pleasure red marble, Lupercalia.

About Burster

Inspired by some of the most classic of sci-fi movie monsters, the Lust Burster puts you in control of where this creature will emerge. Combining a curved head on one side with detailed texture down the shaft, Burster is curled up on its tail base watching you with anticipation.

About Lupercalia, our Celebration of Pleasure special event color

Based on a historical celebration, our special event color is a marble of shimmering red wine and glossy blood red! This is a handmade item and each toy's colors are unique, including how the colors marble together in the final toy. The photos shown are an example of how this shimmering ruby marble comes together in a toy's sculpture.

We are very conscious of silicone safety, using only the highest quality platinum silicone. Our colors do not include chromium green oxide nor ultramarine blue. This toy is safe for your lips and between your hips!

Special Event - Single Density and Suction Cups

For density (how hard a toy feels) you can choose Soft (0050) or Medium (10A). When in doubt, we think Medium is usually a good choice for most toys. Add a suction cup to this special event toy for no extra charge!

Shore A00 and Shore A Durometer
Soft                                            0050
Medium                                     10A

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