Lust Burster / Teaser / Extra Soft (#LB0046)

Lust Arts

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Lust Burster

Size: Teaser

Density: Extra Soft (00-30)

Base: Flat

Color: Gold

Pre-made toy, ready to send! Product photos are of this individual, handcrafted sculpture. Standard soda can for scale reference.

Sometimes the monster wants to get back in! Fulfill your alien invasion fantasies with the Lust Burster. 

About Burster
Inspired by some of the most classic of sci-fi movie monsters, the Lust Burster puts you in control of where this creature will emerge. Combining a curved head on one side with detailed texture down the shaft, Burster is curled up on its tail base watching you with anticipation.

Shore A00 and Shore A Durometer
Extra Soft                                     00-30
Lust Burster - Toy Sizing
See what size measures up to your fantasies! Contact us at if you have any questions.

Insertable Length:                     3.69 in         (9.38 cm)
Widest Head Circumference:    3.25 in         (‪8.25 cm)
Widest Shaft Circumference:    4.25 in         (‪10.8 cm)     
Widest Head Diameter:             1.03 in           (2.6 cm)
Widest Shaft Diameter:             1.35 in           (‪3.4 cm)
Total Length:                               4.5 in        (‪11.48 cm)

Please note: There is some minor variability in sizing.

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