Queen's Court (Complete Collection)

Lust Arts

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Royal Fetish FEMDOM Toy Collaboration color set: Queen's Command

Do you want it all? Get the complete collection in Queen's Command color set, with 15% off individual pricing!
  • all 3 sizes (1 Lady, 1 Countess, 1 Duchess) of Queen's Command (Solid) insertable toys
  • all 3 sizes (1 Lady, 1 Countess, 1 Duchess) of Queen's Command (Dual-Density) insertable toys
  • 2 Lady, 4 Countess, and 6 Duchess sized Extra Soft Edging Body Bands in your choice of command(s) with inlaid text and/or Braille

These are handmade items and each toy's colors are unique. Please contact  info@lustarts.com for any questions.

Good Communication
The Royal Fetish Films FEMDOM Collection is excited to be a part of your solo, BDSM and partnered play. But make sure your partner is just as excited before play as you are: take some time to introduce your toys to all persons involved, each time you'd like to use them. Always confirm play boundaries before play starts. Make sure explicit, informed consent has been given; and have a plan to check in before, during and after!

Honor your kinky exploration; treat it with care and respect.

Pegging Pleasure
When pegging for the first time, gentle touch and entry with only a fingertip is a good place to start warming up. Listen to what the receiver's body is saying and start small and gentle. Always use lots of safe lubricant! From our own testing, we recommend thick water-based lube or coconut oil with all of our toys and bands. To prevent possible damage do not use silicone-based lubricants. After using a toy anally, remember to wash it before using anywhere else, even on the same body. For ease, use a condom on the toy for anal play; then, change it before your next dance of pleasure.


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