Density Samples

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New shape and size now available!

Before you invest in a toy we encourage you to test our density range with this Sample Set. Adult toy manufacturers can each use different ranges of platinum silicone hardness or density. (The Shore A00 and Shore A scale measurements for each density are in the list below.) Medium in a different brand may feel more soft, or even more firm, than our Medium. Even within a single density, silicone can feel more or less hard depending on the thickness of an area.

These discs are also a great way to check that your favorite lube will be compatible with your new toy. Color selection is random.

Extra Soft (0030)
Soft (0050)
Medium (our favorite) (10A)
Firm (20A)

This density is being removed from our set and no longer provided on new orders:
Extra Firm (30A) 


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