Custom Toy Information

If a toy has already been crafted and is ready to ship it will be listed in the Pre-made section of our website. Our Pre-made toys have been carefully photographed from multiple angles. 

Any other toy ordered will be handmade custom to your specifications.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of our products, we do not accept returns. We will only issue refunds to orders that are not yet shipped. Orders that have issues which fall under our Warranty Policy. 


Silicone Density Options

For any of the Original or Custom color choices you get to choose the silicone density we use to craft your toy. We encourage you to consider a Density Sample Set if you are starting out in your silicone sex toy journeys. Also, know that different makers may use the same name for different densities (or hardness) of silicone. If you have any questions just let us know!

The numbers you see after our density names are a common measurement of hardness: Shore A00 and Shore A Durometer value. This page from the silicone manufacturer Smooth-On is great for learning about this measurement scale:

Extra Soft               0030                       Very soft and yielding

Soft                        0050                       Soft, squishes with firm hand pressure

Medium                  10A                        Good balance of stability and softness

Firm                        20A                        A bit of give to the surface, overall very stiff and firm

Extra Firm              30A                        Extremely firm, almost no squish with firm hand pressure

Please note the softer densities can have a somewhat tacky surface texture when dry. If you prefer, the toy can be safely stored after being dusted with cornstarch (organic, if possible) to temporarily change the surface texture. When you're ready to use the toy, be sure to wash and rinse to remove the cornstarch before applying your favorite water-based lube. (Or, likely if you prefer, coconut oil. Here's an informative article from Dangerous Lilly with testing on the subject of silicone sex toys and coconut oil.)

For toys with a low to medium amount of texture we feel the Medium density is a good match for most people. For toys with a high amount of texture or that are in our larger sizes we also recommend the Soft density. Send us an email ( if you’d like to talk about how our densities might compare with other toys you’ve experienced or have any questions that might help guide you to a wonderful toy.


Some toys are available in dual-density as well as a solid density option. In our toys, this method gives a thin outer layer that still allows the color of the inside to show through in the corners and more shadowed parts of the sculpture.

If you choose a softer density for the outside layer (Soft or Extra Soft) the texture of a toy will feel more gentle. If you choose a firmer density for the outside layer (Medium or Firm) that will greatly intensify the surface texture. The inside of the toy is the main amount of silicone used and most effects the overall feel.

Mermaid fantasy adult toy sculpture in Deepest Wave from Lust Arts next to a silver standard soda can for scale

Use the dual-density customization options but choose the same density for the inside and outside if you’d like a toy that feels solid but has the same visual effect.

Original Colors

Each toy has a listing for the Original color options. These are colors we’ve carefully tested and feel consistently look great on that toy. We may add colors here permanently or temporarily (for example, events or holidays).

Custom Colors

There is a separate listing for every toy’s custom color options. In some cases, like the Unicorn Horn, there may be more than one custom listing. (The Unicorn Horn can be customized with the horn and base separate or solid.)

The custom colors currently available as your palette are listed by color swatch and name. This can take some bravery; colors can change in unpredictable ways when marbled together or used in outside/inside layers.

If you do not find a color suitable to your needs please email to let us know and we’ll see what we can do to craft your vision!

Marble Colors

For now, our main color combination method if you order more than one color is a marble, or sometimes more specifically called a tight marble. If you’d like one of the colors to be more dominant throughout or in a certain area just let us know in the order notes.

Unicorn Horn fantasy adult toy by Lust Arts in custom colors red, pale gold, and shimmering black

Fade and Other Color Methods

We do not yet offer fades as a standard pour method. (If you’re especially brave, contact us ahead of time, and are willing to accept the result of up to one re-pour, we’ll often be willing to try another color pour method like a fade. Get in touch at!)

Have a Look First

If you'd like to help ensure your new toy meets or exceeds what you're expecting, please select the option to be sent photos by email of your toy before we clean, package, and carefully ship it to you. If this particular toy didn't turn out as you'd hoped please respond to the email with your feedback and we'll make one re-pour. The first lovely, but not quite right for you, sculpture will be added to our list of Pre-made, ready to ship toys. (We cannot accommodate more than one re-pour for any reason other than our own mistake or request.)

Current Custom Color List

Shimmering Black
Gloss Black
Shimmering White
Gloss White
Shimmering Black sample color
Gloss Black sample color
Shimmering White sample color
Gloss White sample color
Gold sample color
Pale Gold
Antique Bronze
Pale Gold sample color
Antique Bronze sample color
Silver sample color
Brown sample color
Red sample color
Orange sample color
Yellow sample color
Rose Gold
Pink sample color
Rose Gold