Beta Affiliate Program

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*** We are testing a switch to Refersion to solve an incompatibility with our store. *** 


Lust Arts Affiliate Program Beta, Update Notes (7/19/2018):

  • Cookie time: Increased from 7 days to 90
  • Payment gateway fee: No longer removing 2.9% of an affiliated sale for payment gateway fees before the 15% sales commission is calculated
  • Payout methods: Researching payout methods to add in addition to PayPal
  • Review toys for bloggers: WIP program, will be for US-based bloggers with a review website and some social media presence
    • (No numbers requirements; You can be new at this too, I just want to see your site and how you're getting started. Some exceptions to the US-based requirement when I can. *looks grumpy at limited budget and shipping*)
  • Performer toys (no review): WIP program (Currently working through a waitlist very slowly as I'm able. US only for now due to shipping costs.)