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At Lust Arts we're thrilled to work with adult toy reviewers and performers for their honest opinions to help you get a better understanding of our toy designs, density choices, and who we are as a company.


Collaboration with King Noire on XBIZ!

"Following his music career under the artist name Hasan Salaam, Noire has since become a "master fetish trainer," educator and sexpert. Regarding the new toy, Noire says he is thrilled to have the new molding available to fans."


Mermaid Review by Kat Stark

"Choosing softer densities in the silicone would also likely assist in a less intense experience. The soft/medium combo feels very squishy in my hands but clearly isn't in my vag..."

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Unicorn Horn and Lust Burster Review by Kat Stark

"I love these toys! I really don't know how much I can emphasize that point. They're beautiful and I want to touch them..."

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Frank's Monster Review by Helens Toy Box

"...I think I would definitely use and enjoy this toy if I made the aforementioned changes when ordering it for myself. I have to say, the people at the company were very accomodating and always ready to help."

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Mermaid, Unicorn Horn, and Frank's Monster Review by Nicole Guappone for Rebellious Magazine

"This is another reason why I’ve fallen head over heels for Lust Arts. Not only are their designs exquisite pieces of art (truly), but you can completely customize a toy exactly to your liking."

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Preview! Mosswood Dragon Tester Review by Nicole Guappone

"So how do the Mosswood Dragon and I get along? After I use it, I probably look just as content as the Dragon does."

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Frank's Monster Review by Rocket Girl Writes

"Has any other dildo so changed my masturbatory landscape? Perhaps, but Frank has let me know truly that my vagina can do anything."

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Unicorn Horn Review by Rocket Girl Writes

"The Unicorn Horn allows for more minute gradations in girth and provides a gentle texture for anal interest, allowing for a more gradual opening up of the ass or other orifice."

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Mermaid Review by Rocket Girl Writes

"I would recommend the Mermaid to users who know they like intensity and texture, as even the very soft Mermaid provides a great deal to experience."

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Frank's Monster Review by Backwoods Bedroom

"To be quite frank, it was chiefly the allure of the rounded swell of the juicy mushroomed glans head and the enticing progressive thickening of the shaft. Which gradually culminates in a more than ample amount of muscle clenching diameter near the base."

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Lust Burster Review by LUPESPACE

"This should not be anyone’s first toy. This is in no way, shape or form a beginner’s toy..."

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Frank's Monster Review by Tawney

"You can not only decide on the firmness within the toy, but the outside firmness as well. I find that this is a brilliant addition to any toy and really provides the individual to really find a perfect match for their body."

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Unboxing Video for Unicorn Horn and Lust Burster by Tawney

"They have lube and chocolate. So, if that doesn't convince you I don't know what will..."

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Frank's Monster Review by Betty Butch

"As haunting as the tale it’s drawn from, Frank’s Monster is both appalling and enticing, and I’m super into this kind of weird shit."

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Unicorn Horn Review by Love, Violet (Violet Fawkes)

"Clearly, I love this toy in terms of theme and aesthetics. It’s so fun and pretty and I enjoy adding non-phallus dildos to my ever-growing collection. The concepts at Lust Arts are awesome, blending fantasy and literature, pop culture and myth in their hand crafted designs."

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Frank's Monster Review by Love, Violet (Violet Fawkes)

"The sculptural quality is amazing and that translates into a tactile sensation that is unique and stimulating."

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Unicorn Horn Review by Indigo Wolfe

"Pairs nicely with a Sex on the Beach. I do mean the drink, but also the act. It’s a little bit magical and full of fruity goodness."

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Frank's Monster Review by Indigo Wolfe

"The most important thing about the sizing options is that they are there. And that paired with the color is what really brings this toy up to a 10."

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Unboxing Video for Lust Burster by Miss LoLo

"This base is very big and very wide allowing you to have an amazing grip on the toy as well as letting it be very stable and very sturdy and solid all on its own..."

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Frank's Monster Review by Rio

"So well done just in general. Like I said, I love the bumps. I love everything about it. If nothing else you get this cool skin texture going on..."

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Lust Burster Review by Rio

" frickin cool this is just as a nerd to have this! Also as someone who does a lot of cosplay vids and a lot of cosplay porn..."

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Unicorn Horn Review by Rio

"So smart, body safe. I love that it's just really thought out, from like top to bottom. There's a cool structure to everything. There's a reason that everything's there."

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EventDakuCon 2018

Our second time as vendors at a full weekend convention! Thrilled to meet so many wonderful people, including our first interviewers! Lots of tiny dildo friends were introduced to the world.


Event: DenFur 2018

Our first time as vendors at a full weekend convention! What a friendly, wonderful crowd. Thank you for a fantastic time and we hope to see everyone again next year!


Event: Seduction 2017 (The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture - Seattle)

Thank you for a wonderful first event!