Shipping & Returns

We care about your safety from the moment we make your toy to the moments it rocks your world. 

Your Order

Every toy is hand-crafted, meaning each toy is entirely unique. Your toy could have slight differences from what is pictured on our website. These are part of the artistic process of creating each and every adult toy by hand and cannot be controlled.


We ship discreetly! Our products are shipped in in flat rate USPS shipping boxes.

Unless required by international customs regulations, our company name or logo is not displayed on the box itself.

We ship and bill under the name "Fantasy Sculpt", which is pretty vague. Could be craft supplies, could be a quirky Etsy seller!

Our toys are placed in a protective plastic bag and wrapped in tissue paper, then packaged in recyclable packing paper.

If we are required to provide a description of contents for shipment internationally, we will use the phrase “silicone sculpture”.

We anticipate you will receive your toy up to two weeks after we receive your order.


We try our hardest to ensure that every toy we ship is flawless. But in case we missed something, please check your new toy carefully before removing it from the bag. If there is a production flaw in the toy when received it can be returned (as an unopened toy) for a new toy. Once the bag is opened we cannot accept any returns.

You can contact us directly at