Shipping & Returns

We care about your safety from the moment we make your toy to the moments it rocks your world. 

Your Order

Every toy is hand-crafted, meaning each toy is entirely unique. Your toy could have slight differences from what is pictured on our website. These are part of the artistic process of creating each and every adult toy by hand and cannot be controlled.

Each of our molds is handmade in a method that prevents seams, however as this is a hand-crafted object there may be slight indents or other very slight imperfections in the final, poured toy that will not affect your use.


(Updated: 4/26/22)

We are not responsible for lost packages. Please note that any order placed after 4/26/2022, we will not assume any responsibility if it is lost. We will not re-send an order, you must make a second purchase. We will also not issue any refund for a lost package. If your order is lost within a postal system, it is the responsibility of that system. Please see their policies. 

If you want insurance on your package and a possibility of replacement of cost, do NOT choose USPS first-class shipping. There is no insurance in this service and we will not provide any.

We ship discreetly! Our products are shipped in in flat rate USPS or plain shipping boxes. If your toy's final shipping costs are in a lower price tier than our shop calculated we'll refund the price difference when we ship and email to let you know.

Most orders ship in 6 weeks, but they can take up to 8 weeks to create and be fulfilled.

Unless required by international customs regulations, our company name or logo is not displayed on the box itself.

We ship and bill under the name "Fantasy Sculpt", which is pretty vague. Could be craft supplies, could be a quirky Etsy seller!

Our toys are placed in a protective plastic bag and wrapped in tissue paper, then packaged in recyclable packing paper.

All toys and accessory products shipped internationally are shipped with a customs declaration. If your country requires duty/taxes to be paid on incoming shipments, it is your responsibility to pay those fees upon receipt. Lust Arts is not responsible for paying import duties, taxes, or any fees on any orders inside or outside the US. Your phone number will show on the outside of your package since that information is required by USPS to order to ship any packages outside the US. 

For any order, it is your responsibility to ensure those items being shipped are legal in your area. We are not responsible for any orders that are confiscated by your local government's customs agency.

If we are required to provide a description of contents for shipment internationally, we will use the phrase “silicone sculpture” for our toys.

We anticipate your package will be sent one to two weeks after we receive your order. International orders may require additional time to arrive depending on any customs delays. Often orders will ship much more quickly; send us an email at to find out how quickly a toy or accessory can be ready for you.

Returns and Warranty

(Updated May 4th, 2021)

Please note: As a retailer of adult products, we do not accept returns, out of concern for safety and cleanliness. This is true even in the instance that the toy does not fit the receiver. Refunds will be issued ONLY in cases where the order has not been shipped yet. It is up to you to decide what items will be the appropriate size for your body.

We try our hardest to ensure that every toy we ship is flawless. Our bags are clear so you can easily inspect your playful sculpture. Please contact us if there is a production flaw in the toy as soon as possible after receiving it.

1-Year Manufacturing Warranty

Lust Arts has updated our Warranty Policy to include a 1-year Manufacturing Warranty for any non-discounted/flawed toy or accessory like a Double-Sided Suction Cup from the original date of purchase. At our discretion, we will replace the toy or suction cup free of charge.

This warranty is restricted to purchases made directly from Lust Arts website or convention booths and from our authorized retail partners.

What our warranty does and does not cover: We cover ONLY manufacturer-caused defects that affect the toy for suction cup's function. We do NOT cover visual-only or cosmetic issues caused by wear and tear or problems caused by accident or mishandling. Be careful with fingernails, rings and other jewelry, teeth, zippers, and other sharp objects especially hazardous to your silicone toy. This warranty covers defects only and not toys that are functional but otherwise not a good match for your individual and personal needs, such as texture, size, or aesthetic. 

If you feel your toy has an issue covered by our warranty, please contact us ( describing the issue and your approximate date of purchase. It is helpful, if you can, to include a photo of the problem.

When we have verified the defect and your eligibility, we'll send an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number to include with your warranty return, postage paid. We will not accept any potential Warranty returns without first contacting us and receiving an approved RMA number.

You can contact us directly at