About Lust Arts

Currently, due to COVID-19, our orders are taking 7-8 weeks (and sometimes more) to produce.

Due to the adult nature of our work, we do not accept returns of any products. If you require help with a warranty issue, please visit our FAQ page!

We are a small team dedicated to creating quality adult toys designed with a passion for detail, craftsmanship, and safety. Lust Arts' handmade adult toy themes range from fantasy and sci-fi to horror and literature, helping you explore every realm of your imagination.

About the Toys

Each of our toys is hand poured. This means that there will be slight variation in every accessory, dildo or insertable adult toy and penetratable - making each as unique as the person to own it. We do our best to limit variation and provide a predictable toy for every order, but every toy is unique.

We are very conscious of silicone and pigment safety. Our colors do not include chromium green oxide nor ultramarine blue.

About the Founders

Lexy and Lena became the best of friends when working together in one of the nerdiest industries around. We laughed, we cried, and though distance eventually separated us, our passion to work together had never been broken. 

One day, we realized there was a massive nerd-gap in the dildo industry. Not too long after that moment, Lust Arts was founded. Throughout the majority of the next year, we focused on research and development of products that were not only stimulating but also eye-catching and thought provoking.

When we started making silicone sex toys, our first thoughts were to use the safest and highest quality materials we could find. Who would use anything else? It turns out the sex toy industry is the Wild West!

There are NO laws that protect the public, and it is perfectly legal for them to make false claims on the packaging! We have been horrified by the stories of what is in some cheap sex toys. For instance, many educational materials continue to insist that condoms will protect against phthalates, this has not been proven. Why risk your health? Please check that your toys are safe for play!

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For more reading on how to keep yourself safe, here are a few unbiased professional toy testers.

Bad Vibes
They ask the question few have asked before: “What's in this sex toy?” and have the lab results to prove it. Their mission is to demystify the adult sex toy industry and positively transform the socially irresponsible, environmentally and personally hazardous sex toy manufacturing and sales practices.

Dangerous Lilly, Sex Toy Critic, Dildo Burner
Educating and informing on the topic of sex toys. Lilly buys toys anonymously and tests them.

Wishing you healthy, happy, sexy times!
Lena & Lexy