Autumn Leaves Collection Sale

Here's what Lust Arts has in our Autumn Leaves Collection sale:

Starting Monday 9/23/2019 @ 5pm MDT, ending Sunday 9/29/2019 @ 11:59pm MDT (Mountain time zone)

  • 20% off Autumn Leaves Collection toys and Double-Sided Suction Cups in two special fall colors
    • Fiery Maple: 3 color marble of deep red-orange, orange-yellow, and shimmering yellow
    • Dancing Aspen: 2 color marble of glittering pale gold with bright yellow hinted with green
    • No code required for this discount. New listings for Autumn Leaves Collection toys in Fiery Maple and Dancing Aspen colors. Available in solid Medium or Soft density. No extra charge for suction cup bases on this event toy collection.
    • Current expected order wait times are one to two weeks or less

A Mosswood Dragon, Mermaid, Unicorn Horn, Frank's Monster adult toys with two Double-Sided Suction Cups in Autumn Leaves event colors, with silk fall leaves on a white background

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