Celebration of Pleasure Sale

Here's what Lust Arts has in our Celebration of Pleasure sale:

Starting Monday 2/4/2019 @ 8pm MST, ending Friday 2/15/2019 @ 11:59pm MST

  • 15% off Celebration of Pleasure toys and accessories in color Lupercalia
    • https://lustarts.com/collections/celebration-of-pleasure-2019
    • No code required for this discount. New listings for Celebration of Pleasure toys in Lupercalia: a marble of Shimmering Red Wine and Glossy Blood red. Available in solid Medium or Soft density. No extra charge for suction cup bases on this toy collection.

A collection of Lust Arts toys (Unicorn Horn, Mermaid, Mosswood Dragon, Lust Burster on a Double-Sided Suction Cup, and a Frank's Monster) with a red wine bottle and a piece of fur on a white background

Questions? Let us know! info@lustarts.com