Story Inspiration - Frank's Monster

Frank's Monster
Short story written and read by Tawney Seren

Lightning erupted through the clouds above, illuminating the sky and casting light down upon the dark castle below. There is a chill to the night that has nothing to do with the weather, and you know it’s only a promise of what’s to come. An ominous whisper of what your body has yearned for.

What your body believed it would never have, again. 

His touch was one you remember in every inch of you, the length and girth of him could never be matched by another. For many years you scoured the lands for one that could pleasure you as he once did, but to no avail. 

Now, through science and your own need, you will have him within you once again. Although the one who brought you to your knees with explosive need is no longer a part of this world, you alone shall bring him back. Your willing lover will return to you, alive and thick in your hand as he was the moment he first touched you. No longer will you search for another to quench your thirst and push the limits of your body to a delicious degree. 

Another crack of lightning whips across the darkness, connecting with the top of the castle and cascading down the sides, thunder rocking the very earth beneath your feet. The electricity trails down, connecting with the body before you. Beneath the white sheet, your lover shakes with the impact. 

A pleased sigh escapes your lips, ending in a laugh that is both victorious, and excited. Anticipation rides every inch of you like the thickness you miss so dearly, driving you closer to the body upon the ground. Ignoring the protruding stitching along his body, you slowly lift the sheet, admiring your lover twitching back to life before your very eyes. Slowly, his lusty member enlarges, the strong, attractive stitching forcing a gasp from you. You feel faint, but it’s nothing compared to the strong beating of your heart, and the need within you. A need that can be sated by no other. 

He groans and his eyes open, looking about for a moment before landing on you. The lust in him matches your own, and you give in to the night.