Story Inspiration - Lust Burster

Lust Burster
Short story written and read by Tawney Seren

A great many years ago, the Lust Bursters came to Earth and shocked us all. Small, invasive creatures that at first appeared fearsome, but soon produced a pleasure that was unmatched. They took us over, our willing bodies claiming what was rightfully ours in each orgasm they invoked. They had taken Earth, enjoying and relishing in us relentlessly as we begged for more. But soon after their invasion, the Lust Bursters returned to their planet, out of our reach. 

We searched and searched for them, knowing they were dying to return to us, as we wished to have them. When the colorful, ridged planet came into view, our insides stirred with desire and we knew we had found the Bursters, once again. Landing our spaceship along the textured floor of their planet, we cautiously looked at each other. Our insatiable thoughts driving us forward, despite our hesitation for the unknown.

“We will be the first humans to step foot on this planet.”

The words did not stop us, our hands securing the extravehicular mobility units before emerging from our spaceship and stepping onto the planet. The ribbed, detailed texture of the ground reminding us of the undersides of the Bursters we had once been so familiar with; sensations that had given us pleasure so many years prior. Oh, how we had cursed the day they decided to leave us, but knew that surely our Earth could not keep such creatures alive for too long; that we could not allow our entire lives to be consumed with the sensations they drove. Still, we pined for them. 

“Do you think they know we are here?” 

As if on cue, the grounds around us broke and cracked. The smooth, curved heads of the Bursters popped out from the depths of their planet. They continued to move until the entirety of their bodies rested atop the ground, curling up on their tail bases as they peered up at us with undying love. We had found this planet and the Bursters within, and knew that once their gaze fell on us, we would never leave. Never share the sensual, yet demanding touch of them with anyone else. 

Slowly, they moved towards us, our bodies shaking with desire as we awaited what we had fought to seek out from these creatures. They may have been alien to us, but the arousal they shared was familiar, much like home. 

On our planet of Lust Bursters, we stayed.