Story Inspiration - Mermaid

Short story written and read by Tawney Seren

The ocean winds whip around your face, cooling and refreshing you as you venture closer to the crashing waves, hopping from one rock to the next. Among the rocks and foam bubbling along the shore, a shape emerges from the depths, beautiful eyes watching each step you take, calculating and understanding. 

Your breath hitches in your throat the moment you lay eyes on her, taken by the beauty presented to you. From behind the gorgeous creature, a long tail breaks through the water and shadows over the surface. It’s the being of legend, one you had only heard stories and songs of. In person, she invokes a feeling of erotic anticipation within you, her graceful and richly textured body lifts further from the waves of her home as she entices you ever closer. One, sparkling emerald hand extends towards you, beckoning you to her as a smile crosses her soft lips. 

In the waves beyond, more mermaids emerge, their soft, kelp hair spanning out among the waters beside them as they sing a soft tune into the night sky and to the moon above. Each note they produce stirs your body nearer to a pleasurable edge you did not believe possible. Although you are wary of the unknown, you reach for her hand and allow her to guide you down to your knees at the rock’s edge. 

Not even the roughness beneath your knees can be felt once she has you by the hand, your body leaning closer and closer to the deep blue water, and the curved goddesses within. Her full, exposed breasts are tickled by the ocean’s surface, supple and begging to be caressed. Noting your gaze, her own becomes half-lidded, smile growing as she reaches up with another hand and pulls you down into a kiss. 

With her touch, you are summoned into the waters of her passion, invited to traverse the texture of her body while she brings you pleasure and magic you’ve only dreamed of. Singing has surrounded you, calming your body and your mind. When you pull away from her kiss to look beyond, the marbled faces of the other mermaids are near, their beauty breathtaking as they rise from the depths, their colors complimenting a world you’ve only just been introduced to, a world you wish to know. 

You are pulled into the waters, pressed against the luscious body of your goddess as she brings you deep into her lands, the clear ocean around you neither harming, nor suffocating you as you breathe freely. Your body covered with her erotic touch, filling you and immersing you in her fantasy as you so desperately needed. 

It is only you, and the mermaid.