Story Inspiration - Mosswood Dragon

Mosswood Dragon
Short story written and read by Tawney Seren
Your feet are heavy upon the ground as you travel through the tulgey wood, eyes taking in the scene around you. Trees as old as time reach upward toward the grey sky, their colorful autumn leaves scattering downward and painting the forest floor around you.
For so long you have traveled, seeking the pleasures of nature and hoping the ancient beings will present themselves to you, granting you the knowledge you desire. As you journey further into the wood, a billowing mist begins to roll out from between the trees and foliage around you, a vibration rising from the ground beneath your feet. The feeling tickles up your body and caresses you deeply, erasing any previous worry within you. 
You pause where you stand, face lifting to the branches of trees as a single leaf falls from the sky. As it descends, the veins along the leaf begin to glow, the forest darkening as the trees take on the same luminescent hue. All around you, the wood is silent, the vibration beneath you intensifying until your body responds with blissful abandon.
From the darkness, a narrow, textured snout slowly nudges from between two, glowing trees. The sparkling, gold scales along the dragon’s head catch in the glowing branches around it, casting light upon the forest floor before you. Intelligent, powerful eyes peer at you knowingly as the creature speaks softly through the wood. The voice is low and growling, a promise. But a promise of what, you do not yet know.
“So you seek the pleasures of nature.” 
At first you are speechless, knowing you are in the presence of the powerful Mosswood Dragon, your body still on fire with pleasure from the very grounds in which you stand. But you know this is your chance to speak to the ancient being, and cannot pass up the opportunity to learn what you seek. A rustling surrounds you, the gradual curves of more snouts peering through trees and undergrowth to watch the scene unfold. Their colors an astounding array of sparkles and autumn hues, complimenting the lands in which they reign.
“I do,” you answer, licking your lips as you face the Mosswood Dragon, once again.
There is a knowing, mischievous glint in the dragon’s eye, an eagerness that ignites another flame of arousal from within your body. Around you, there is more rustling as the others nod their heads in anticipation and approval. 
“Then, let us begin.”