Story Inspiration - Tentacle

Short story written and read by Tawney Seren

Deep within the cold, icy depths of the ocean you dive and search for the monster. Locals have whispered of the being's intellect and mysterious appearance in their waters, curious as to how long it has lived below, and what it wants. Each foot you travel downward leads you closer to the dark, destroyed ship of old upon the forgotten ground of the waters.

As if it knew the moment you arrived, a dark shadow engulfs one of the portholes alongside the drowned ship. You bravely approach and peer inside at what lays within, gasping when a tentacle is pressed against the thick glass, seeking you with slow, beckoning movements and swaying. The call is not one you can ignore, this ancient creature’s interest has been perked by your presence and its secrets yours for the taking.

“Hello, newcomer.”

The voice is a purr through the dark waters. Lustful intention is clear in each caressing word that escapes the porthole and cascades down your skin. You don’t want to run away from what speaks, you wish to free this monster from within and know what it desires to share with you.

The tentacle leaves your vision for a brief moment, your heart sinking as you wonder if it will be the last time you speak with such an ancient creature. But suddenly it returns, the porthole window opening as the bridge between your two worlds is crossed. The beautiful tentacle is forcing through the porthole, penetrating the distance as you’re finally faced with what others have only softly spoken about. With a smile, you welcome it with open arms, anticipating the mystery of the depths.