Story Inspiration - Unicorn Horn

Unicorn Horn
Short story written and read by Tawney Seren
“Reach the top of the mountain to achieve the fulfillment your arousal seeks.” 
The trial echoes in your ears as you trudge up the side of the snowy mountain. Cold flakes of snow landing on your freezing face with each strained step. You wish to find fulfillment, and know that only pleasure is said to reside at the top of the mountain, but the weather is unbearable, tearing at your reserve. Suddenly, the wind kicks up, knocking you down into the snow with one powerful gust. Soon the sky will darken into night, and the journey will become too much to bare. 
Just as you begin to lose hope, a mythical creature appears on the path ahead. The marbled, swirling curves of the horn upon its head point towards you. Power pulses through the air and surrounds you, pushing the wind from your face and warming you instantly. The silver base of the Unicorn’s Horn shines on the mountainside and you approach it. Just as you reach to touch the swirls of black and violet along the horn, the Unicorn turns and begins back up the path.  
Although the storm cannot touch you, and you have warmed a little, the cold is still biting against your skin. Darkness takes over, plunging the mountain into night and forcing you nearer to the Unicorn’s body as you continue on. A moment later, a horn of white and iridescent gold breaks through the night, casting light and defeating the remaining cold. The second unicorn comes to your other side, the two escorting you to the top of the mountain. 
When you reach the top of the mountain, the lands are exposed to you, stretching for as far as your eyes can see. But the view is not what you have ventured to discover, and you know these Unicorns are the ones that will teach you. 
A third and final horn glows from the middle of the peak, a splash of agate that sparkles and urges you closer to the rainbow hues. As all three Unicorns meet in the middle of the peak and turn to you, the promising ridges of their swirled horns glimmer. 
Without a word, you succumb to your fulfillment, your arousal reaching new heights alongside the mythical Unicorns.