Wholesale Customizable Colors

Gloss Colors:

Black, White, Red, Blue, Blood, Cyan, Dark Purple, Brown, Yellow, Green, variety of flesh tones from FuseFX

Gloss Black sample color Gloss White sample color Blood
Gloss Black Gloss White Gloss Red Gloss Blue Blood
Gloss Cyan Gloss Dark Purple Gloss Brown Gloss Yellow Gloss Green

UV Gloss Colors (brighten in UV lighting):

Electric Pink, Electric Green, Electric Blue, Electric Orange, Electric Yellow, Electric Purple

Electric Pink Electric Green Electric Blue Electric Orange Electric Yellow Electric Purple

Shimmer Colors:

Black, White, Gold, Pale Gold, Antique Bronze, Silver, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, Rose Gold

Shimmering Black sample color Shimmering White sample color Gold sample color Pale Gold sample color Antique Bronze sample color
Shimmer Black Shimmer White Gold Pale Gold Antique Bronze
Silver sample color Brown sample color Red sample color Orange sample color Yellow sample color
Silver Shimmer Brown Shimmer Red Shimmer Orange Shimmer Yellow
Green Blue Violet Pink sample color Rose Gold
Shimmer Green Shimmer Blue Shimmer Violet Shimmer Pink Rose Gold

Very Glitter Colors:

Super Sparkle Light Gold, Super Sparkle White, Super Sparkle Bronze, Super Sparkle Copper, Super Sparkle Red Wine

Super Sparkle Light Gold Super Sparkle White Super Sparkle Bronze Super Sparkle Copper Super Sparkle Red Wine

Iridescent/Color Shift Colors:

Note: these types of pigments are best as a coating over or marbled with a dark color like Gloss or Shimmer Black

Green/Gold Color Shift, Red Olivine Color Shift, Violet/Green, Blue/Orange, Blue/Green/Violet/Red, other options from Just Pigments

Green/Gold Color Shift Red Olivine Color Shift TBD Color Shift TBD Color Shift TBD Color Shift

Glow in the Dark Colors (react in UV light and glow):

GITD Green, GITD Teal, GITD Blue

GITD Green GITD Teal GITD Blue


Colors can be mixed and modified. For example, UV Electric Pink + Shimmer Pink is a violently pink result. Gloss White + Gloss Cyan is a sky blue result.

We have many pigment options available not listed here that are available to achieve any colorway fantasy.