Mosswood Dragon (Custom Colors)

Lust Arts

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If you take a walk through the tulgey wood, you may just meet the Mosswood Dragon. This friend of the forest can help show you the pleasures of nature.

Available in five sizes and four density options for your explorations. This toy has a narrow, textured shaft with a gradual curve and a very heavy, textured flat base.

More details about customizing your toy are available here!

Dragon of the Forest

Artfully choose from one to four custom colors for your new toy! For Dual Density, choose the outside and inside colors. The outside will show most clearly highlighting the sculpture, with the inside color in the deeper crevices and shadows. (Thinking about more colors? Email and let's work it out together!)

Choose fromSparkling Black, Gloss Black, Sparkling White, Gloss White, Gold, Pale Gold, Antique Bronze, Silver, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Blood, Pink, Rose Gold, UV Purple, UV Orange, UV Pink, UV Green, UV Blue, UV Yellow (all UV pigments are gloss - email us or add order notes to mix in a shimmering pigment)

Additional colors may be offered as temporary events or permanent additions. 

Concerned about how your request will turn out? We want you to be happy, so let us take a quick photo after making your toy and email for your review. Look it over, and if you don't like how the color turned out tell us your feedback and we'll remake the toy once based on your feedback. (We'll sell that otherwise lovely first toy in our Pre-made section.) Check the box when ordering if you'd like this option.

Suction Cup Base Options

If you prefer to keep the base flat, we can add an appropriately sized Double-Sided Suction Cup to your order. We handmake our Suction Cups with Medium density silicone for the best balance of suction and movement. To help widen your options for play, this toy can be made with a suction permanently cup added onto the base. (The suction cup is attached after the toy is crafted.) 

Choose your Firmness, Solid or Dual-Density

Create your own dual-density lusty science experiment by combining your choice of Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, and Firm density platinum silicones for the outside layer and main inside core of your new toy. 

We suggest Soft Outside/Medium Inside. If you especially enjoy texture we suggest the Medium Outside/Soft Inside.

Soft Outside/Medium Inside: Like most platinum grade Soft-density silicones, this outer layer will have a tacky texture when dry if you choose the Soft (and especially Extra Soft) outside. When the toy is slick with your favorite lube, it will be super soft and smooth. The core is a higher density platinum grade silicone that keeps this toy standing upright and ready to please.

Medium Outside/Soft Inside: Choosing Medium on the outside will enhance the textures on the face of this dragon. The shaft and base will be softer and more yielding to the touch than the suggested medium inside however still has a good firmness, especially at larger sizes.

Shore A00 and Shore A Durometer
Extra Soft                                  0030
Soft                                            0050
Medium                                      10A
Firm                                            20A
Extra Firm (Unavailable/TBD)    30A


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