Tentacle (Original Colors)

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Find pleasure reaching out from the waters deep below... curled at the tip, this sea monster's touch waits. The sensation of textured suckers down one side of the toy can playfully stimulate wherever you wish.

Tentacle is available in a range of five sizes on a thick, solid flat base for your explorations.

About our Original Colors

Icy Depths - Deep, sparkling UV light reactive blue over shimmering black

Lustful Intention - Mysterious sparkles in UV light reactive purple over shimmering black

Ancient Creature Intense and UV light reactive green over shimmering black

Also available in our Mermaid's Original Colors: Deepest Wave, Coral Dreams, Copper Patina

About Tentacle

Tentacle is available in several sizes and six shimmering color combinations that highlight the sculpture's texture. Our Tentacle design starts with more of a rounded shape at the tip and is hand-molded from platinum-grade body-safe silicone.

We are very conscious of silicone safety. Our colors do not include chromium green oxide nor ultramarine blue. Tentacle is made of the highest grade silicone making it extremely easy to clean and sanitize. Safe for your lips and between your hips!

Solid or Dual-Density... your way!

Create your own dual-density lusty science experiment by combining your choice of Extra Soft, Soft, Medium, and Firm density platinum silicones for the outside layer and main inside core of your new toy.

We suggest Soft Outside/Medium Inside. If you especially enjoy texture we suggest the Medium Outside/Soft Inside.

Soft Outside/Medium Inside: Like most platinum grade Soft-density silicones, the outside layer will have a tacky texture when dry if you choose the Soft (and especially Extra Soft) outside. When the toy is slick with your favorite lube, they will be super soft and smooth. The core is a higher density platinum grade silicone that keeps them standing upright and ready to please.

Medium Outside/Soft Inside: Choosing Medium on the outside will enhance the sucker, wrinkle, and other design textures while the Soft inside will make the toy overall softer in use.

Built-in, Attached and Double-Sided Suction Cups Now Available

We've emerged from our lab with... Suction Cups! For Medium, Soft, and Extra Soft solid or inside densities we can build in a strong suction cup base. (Built-in suction cup base not available in Firm density or sizes Pounder, Screamer.) If you'd prefer more height we can also permanently attach a Suction Cup to the flat base of a toy after it is crafted. You also have the option of a discount on a Double-Sided Suction Cup that fits the base size of your new toy.


Shore A00 and Shore A Durometer
Extra Soft                                   0030
Soft                                            0050
Medium                                      10A
Firm                                            20A

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