Unicorn Horn (Autumn Leaves Collection Sale)

Lust Arts

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Autumn Leaves Collection Toy Discount! 20% off our standard custom pricing for these special colors, Fiery Maple and Dancing Aspen!

To help celebrate the start of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere, our special event colors are...

  • Fiery Maple: 3 color marble of deep red-orange, orange-yellow, and shimmering yellow
  • Dancing Aspen: 2 color marble of glittering pale gold with bright yellow hinted with green

Seamlessly hand-molded from professional-grade body-safe silicone. Firmly planted on a thick base. The deep ridges provide a unique experience every time. Ready to ride into your fantasies.

We are very conscious of silicone safety, using only the highest quality platinum silicone. Our colors do not include chromium green oxide nor ultramarine blue. This toy is safe for your lips and between your hips!

Special Event - Single Density and Suction Cups

For density (how hard a toy feels) you can choose Soft (0050) or Medium (10A). When in doubt, we think Medium is usually a good choice for most toys.

Add a suction cup to this special event toy for no extra charge!

Shore A00 and Shore A Durometer
Soft                                            0050
Medium                                     10A

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